Patience, time, patience ...If you have already completed puppy training - congratulations!

Fido passed the obedience training with flying colors.  You're so proud and now you think you're done...right?

It's not over just because your little Fido passed the obedience training with flying colors.  In fact, it's just beginning.

If you have not yet completed puppy training, your shelter or rescue may conduct puppy classes, or ask them for referrals to good trainers.  

Training lasts a life time.  You are never finished.  So pace yourself, rather think about it as something you do everyday.

You are going to learn to train yourself so you can train your pet.      

There are many good puppy or dog training books.  Most will refer to 'obedience training'.  This is when YOU teach your dog to sit, stay, heel, off, leave it...

Consider them your most basic elements of training.

Look for information that promotes "positive reinforcement", where you ALWAYS reward Fido for obeying your commands.

Some trainers use more harsh methods, we do not recommend treating an animal harshly, or with violence of any kind.  Even a swat on the behind.

Empower yourself with different methods, issues and styles, but beware of anyone or any book that recommends or teaches force and violence.

A dog wants to please you, learn to give clear communications so he/she can fulfill your expectations.

The time you spend learning how to train your pup or dog is time well spent.

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